Fronton: the vineyards of Toulouse

Datum: Mittwoch 14 aug 2019 - Mittwoch 28 Aug 2019

This half-day tour will not take you far from Toulouse, into the heart of the Fronton wine region. We promise you a programme for small groups, that is light-hearted and full of finesse,

with some beautiful tastings and a warm welcome from the artisan wine producers.

The visit begins once you are welcomed aboard the bus by your guide, who will set the scene. You will then head along some scenic routes to the Maison des Vins et du Tourisme: an evocative name that plunges you right into the ambiance. We will tell you all about the history of the vineyards, notably the story of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, before offering you a tasting of the AOP wines in the presence of a sommelier.

The discoveries continue as you explore the two wine estates that produce the Négrette grape variety like nowhere else. This is a grape variety with character that gives the wines of this terroir its notes of violet, red fruits, liquorice and pepper. Alongside the wine producers you will sample their wines and learn about the vines, the grape harvest, the blends, the wine-making and bottling processes…

Departure at 2.00 pm from Allées Jean Jaurès, place d'Arménie

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